It never fails. The one day you were finally going to hit that all-you-can-eat donut buffet or start training for that 5K or sign up for spin classes once and for all -- no, really this time -- it rains. And it doesn't. Stop. Raining.

On those days, all you have to comfort you is that blank, black void, your old friend, your TV, beckoning you to spend the entire day in a whole new world. A world where it never rains and where Cheetos are always an arm's length away. Put on the coffee and just let it happen -- everything else can wait. You have bingeing to take care of.

Walking on Sunshine

What if in some magical world watching TV could scientifically improve your mood when your parade gets rained on? Well, put your Snuggie on, champ, because that world is the world you live in.

Chatting with the Hawaii Five-0," "Broadchurch," or "Short Poppies" -- a cult mockumentary starring Flight of the Conchords" -- and bust out those beach towels.

A Touch of Escapism

On the same principle, just about any episode of the legendary docuseries "Planet Earth" will transport you from the rainy doldrums to a visually breathtaking adventure that'll remind you of just how awesome Earth really is. Grandiose doesn't even begin to describe it.

For a different kind of escapism -- one that'll keep both kids and adults dry, entertained, and belly laughing -- "Adventure Time" is like a hot cup of hot tea on a rainy day. An extremely brightly colored, super whimsical cup of hot tea with, like, half a bottle of honey in it.

For the Thinkers

You know how people listen to rain sounds when they study or do hot yoga? That's because rain is deep, man. On the flip side of seeking sunshine, you might just want to embrace the drip-dropping peace and quiet by finding just the right show to relax and vibe out with.

In your meditative quest, "The Twilight Zone" will not fail you. Not only will each episode give you plenty of ponderings, its immense amount of variety -- from extraterrestrial-driven social commentary to terrifying demon dolls to twist endings that'll break your brain -- is more than enough to keep you hooked till the sun shines through the clouds. If you prefer to chill out and expand your brain with a less paranormal universe as the drops patter, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," showcases spacey visuals and concepts so mind-blowing, the rain outside will suddenly feel like a very small thing.