Any dog lover will tell you: They'll do anything to keep their pooch happy and comfortable, even change their own habits. And if you've ever looked at your own dog and felt like he was paying as much attention to the TV screen as you were, you may be right. It depends on the breed, but some dogs really do get lost in the latest show their owner is bingeing on. And while they obviously can't follow the plot twists and turns of, say, "Breaking Bad," dogs do respond to visual and auditory stimuli.

Your dog might be looking for more than a cuddle when he snuggles up next to you as you're watching a show. If you want to change your lineup to give your furry friend the best viewing experience possible, here are a few dog-friendly shows to try.

'Frasier' (1993 - 2004)

Your pup won't get the jokes Frasier (Frasier" is for you; the antics of the show's highly trained fur baby are for your best friend.

'The Wire' (2002 - 2008)

Chances are, your pet loses it completely at the sound of a doorbell, the pop of fireworks, and the roar of the vacuum cleaner. Television shows can actually help get your dog used to everyday noises. Try a crime drama like Baltimore-set "The Wire," which details with excruciating realism the ongoing stalemate between the city's law enforcement and the drug trade. Gunshots, door slams, cars peeling out -- any dog who learns how to endure all that will be cool as a cucumber when the mailman arrives.

'Nashville' (2012 - )

This drama based in the cutthroat world of country music was just saved from extinction by CMT. A huge part of the appeal of "Nashville" is the songs themselves. The cast is stacked with more than serviceable singers, like Connie Britton and Charles Esten as power couple Rayna James and Deacon Claybourne. And real-life country stars pop by the show to perform all the time. Your dog will be soothed by those twangy ballads while you're focused on the industry hookups and betrayals.

'Broadchurch' (2013 - )

Broadchurch" are the next best thing to letting your dog off-leash to prance around in the surf.

'Game of Thrones' (2011 - )

Hear this out: "Game of Thrones" might be the best show ever for dogs. The saga of the quest for rule over the entire fictional kingdom of Westeros has everything a pup could be looking for in a viewing experience. Lush locations: Check. A colorful palette and rich soundscape: Check. Direwolves that look like some of their dog park friends: Check. The battles on the HBO fantasy series may also appeal to a dog's heightened motion sensitivity. And the show will remind you to always keep your pup's food bowl full.