UPDATE: Yep, Jozea was evicted by a 7-4-0 vote over Paulie and Bridgette. By the time the votes were cast he seemed upset, but not surprised, so someone either tipped him off (Frank did tell some of the girls in advance, so they may have told Jozea) or he just put the pieces together. There was no dramatic speech, he just hugged some people and walked out for his interview with Julie Chen. Very quiet, darn near silent, eviction. Jozea said he felt most betrayed by Natalie (even though Natalie voted to evict Paulie). He should've felt most betrayed by Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and maybe also Frank. But not Natalie. There's another twist, though, called the Battle Back. It's a buyback for one of the first five evicted HGs. So Glenn, the first guy evicted, will face off against Jozea. The loser goes home, the winner will face the next evicted HG.

Original post:

Jozea Flores better start praying to the real "Messiah" 'cause he's most likely going home this Thursday, June 30 on "Big Brother 18."

Poor Glenn Garcia was the first casualty of BB18 but, at this point, Jozea is still sure he's safe, so he's set to be the first blindside of the summer. Jozea thinks Paulie Calafiore, brother of BB16 runner-up Cody, is going home. But no. Queen Nicole Franzel is about to get her way, in another win for the four returnees (not "returners," for heaven's sake).

Nicole is the season's first Head of Household, and she nominated celebrity makeup artist Jozea as her target, with Paulie as her pawn. (Paulie agreed to that, even though that's never a good position to be in.)

Frank Eudy (secretly) won the new competition twist, the Roadkill comp, and put Paul Abrahamian on the block. But the live feeds went up after Thursday's episode, and showed that Paul won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. (We should see that on screen in the Wednesday episode.) So Frank the Tank (still secretly) nominated a replacement: Bridgette Dunning. She's just there as a pawn. No one is likely to vote for her to go home.

Jozea thinks he and the newbies have enough votes to get out Paulie, who is aligned with the returnees.

However, "Messiah" Jozea and his followers don't realize that the four returnees have recruited plenty of backup in an eight-person "8 Pack" alliance of Nicole, Frank, James Huling, Da'Vonne Rogers, Tiffany Rousso, Corey Brooks, Zakiyah Everette, and Michelle Meyer. But Paulie also seems to be part of the group.

So it's down to Jozea vs. Paulie vs. Bridgette, and Jozea is (almost definitely, unless some magic unicorn stuff goes down) going home second. After Jozea, the group hope to target Victor Arroyo andpossibly put him up with Bronte D'Acquisto. Also on the other side is Paul, plus Natalie Negrotti who is Bronte's BFF and Vic's occasional showmance mate. And maybe Bridgette? She's part of the Natalie/Bronte/Bridgette spice girls alliance.

However, if one of the newbies wins HOH on Thursday, they'll probably go for James, Frank, Nicole, Day, or Tiffany/Vanessa's sister ... unless the returnees find a way to keep the newbs going against each other.

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