UPDATE: Yep, Victor was evicted in a 9-1-0 vote. Despite misleading editing, no one voted for Tiffany at all. Paul voted for Bronte to leave.

Original story:


Cody Calafiore must be a proud (or even jealous?) brother right now, watching Paulie Calafiore dominate on "Big Brother 18." Paulie was used as a pawn in Week 1, but he was cool about it and earned himself a place in the main alliance. In Week 2, he's the new Head of Household, he has a bit of a showmance with Zakiyah Everette (Team Zaulie), and he's close to Frank Eudy, who is arguably running the house. Paulie is a power player with backup from returnees and noobs, and he doesn't seem to be anyone's No. 1 target.

This week, Paulie's target is Victor Arroyo -- who looks like a cross between pro dancer Val Chmerkovskiy of "Dancing With the Stars" and (as Entertainment Weekly put it) a "budget Jon Snow." Victor won the Roadkill Competition and immediately told Paulie, attempting to build trust but really just giving Paulie more power.

On Wednesday's show, we'll see that Paulie won the Power of Veto. He used it to take Paul Abrahamian off the block and nominated Victor, to backdoor Vic in Thursday's live eviction.

Paulie said he didn't care if Paul or Bronte D'Acquisto came down, as long as Vic went up as the target. He couldn't replace Tiffany Rousso because, if he did, Vic as Roadkill winner would get to name the replacement.

So the final nominations are Bronte/Victor/Tiffany, with Victor almost definitely being the third person evicted. He'll face off against either Jozea or Glenn, whoever won the Week 1 Battle Back competition to try and return to the house.

Vic was not picked to play in the Veto comp at all, and that essentially sealed his fate.

Now what, though? The lines appear to be drawn, with "Messiah" Jozea's besties -- Victor, Paul, Bronte, and Natalie Negrotti -- on one side, and the 8 Pack on the other. However, there's already dissent within the main 8 Pack alliance, with Frank, especially, distrusting Tiffany, and fears from the guys that the women will just pick them off one by one. (That is the eventual plan, but the women of the different alliances also want to pick off each other -- including targets on Bronte, Bridgette, Natalie, Tiffany, and Michelle.)

Just because one alliance dominating the house is dull, it would be nice for someone like Natalie to win the next HOH to see what she'd do. She's all for "girl power" and she's in the minority noob alliance, but she also seems to be bonding to almost showmance levels with James Huling. So who would she put up?

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