Everything old is new again on "Big Brother 18" -- we have four returning houseguests, two former players's siblings, and the unwelcome racism of "Big Brother 15."

We are now in the second week of BB18, facing the first live eviction tonight (June 30). Jozea Flores is leaving, whether he knows it or not. (He does not.) There's always a lot of time to kill in the house, and BB17 America's Favorite winner James Huling likes to fill time with pranks. Not everyone appreciates that, though, and his pranks and secret-spilling in the house have ticked off a few noobs.

Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D'Acquisto have both made race-related remarks about James, but Bronte is the one really facing the burn on social media. She is now being called the Aaryn of BB18, in a reference to the BB15 houseguest who was trashed for her comments in the house.

Here are some of the things Bronte and Paul have said, as captured by live-feeds watchers:

Paul: "You let little Korean man (James) invade your brain. What the f*ck are you doing? Are you blind? Do you not see it?"

This just about sums it up:

If you're going to send James back to where he came from, it would be Sumter, S.C., although he now lives in Texas. As his official CBS bio states, "James spent the first part of his life being raised in a boys' home in South Carolina after his mother passed away from cancer and his father was unable to care for him. In his early teens, he was adopted by a Caucasian family and has called them mom and dad since. James loves his southern roots and served six years in the armed forces." As he's said himself, "I stand out in the South. Everybody's gotta take a double look on me... when I talk to 'em, it blows your mind ... I was adopted when I was a baby. I really don't know my true ethnicity. But being country, that's what it's all about. I love everything about it."

There's already enough drama in the BB18 house that these comments may be forgotten by the time Bronte, Paul, or James are evicted, but it's a reminder that everything you say in the BB house is a reflection on your character, and someone out there will remember.

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