Alicia Vikander is on one of those classic Hollywood rolls right now, from "Ex Machina" to "The Danish Girl" (plus "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."), and now she's co-starring in the return of Matt Damon's Jason Bourne. The next Bourne movie, still just known as "Bourne 5" until someone tells us the official title, is coming out this July, and the Swedish actress recently talked to TheWrap about her role.

TheWrap asked if she'd be hanging from harnesses or jumping out of airplanes or what. Alicia carefully answered, "I'm not doing the conventional action, but I'm very action-driven in this film. But it's not in the way most people would think." How would you interpret that? Action-driven, but not conventional action, so maybe no traditional stunts but something ... more intellectual, which would be fitting for the Bourne world? Guessing at this point.

Alicia compared the challenges of working on smaller films vs. the giant blockbuster of a Bourne movie.

"I came from Sweden where it's like 30, 40 people, and here on 'The Danish Girl,' doing a British film, it's 100, and then you end up on these [Bourne] sets -- and I know on Monday or Tuesday we're going to have 1,600 extras just in one scene. And just to see how the machinery works is incredible. So we've been to several countries in Europe and we've been to D.C. now -- which is the first time for me, a few weeks ago -- and now we're in Vegas, which is a very special experience."

She said, at the point of this interview, they had been in Las Vegas for 1.5 weeks and had a few more weeks to go.

Alicia said she knew Vincent Cassel, who also stars in the "Bourne" sequel, saying "he's pretty badass" in the movie. But she did not know Matt Damon until this film. "I hadn't met Matt, I was just the biggest fan. [...] He's very funny on set and then he's just extremely cool as Bourne, but we all know that."

She shared the story of being on set in a casino and not realizing there were cameras around her because there's already so much going on in a casino, and she saw that people weren't even recognizing Matt, perhaps because he had his cap down tight on his head to be "hiding in plain sight." She joked that she might borrow a hat from Matt to do that in the future, if she needs to.

Watch the full "Bourne" talk:

Are you excited for this movie? It is scheduled to open July 29, 2016. Here's a bit more about the film from Matt Damon and company.

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