If you think you're a big fan of "Breaking Bad," you've got nothing on the people who work at Walter's Coffee Roastery in Istanbul. They've themed their coffee shop after the acclaimed AMC drama down to the last detail.

They roast their beans in a lab reminiscent of the one that Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) worked in. They wear bright yellow suits just like the duo did. They even have "blue meth" cupcakes!

2 gün önce kavurduğumuz Colombian Supremo içilmeye hazır. Bekliyoruz. #walterscoffee #walterisheisenberg

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Want some candy? Available tomorrow. ???? / Şeker alır mısınız? Yarından itibaren hazır. ☕️ #walterscoffee

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Walter's opened in March, when it was originally called Heisenberg's Coffee Roastery. Founder Deniz Kosan told Buzzfeed that the theme started out as a joke with his cousin, who bears a resemblance to Cranston.

"He looks like Walter White from the TV show and I thought it would be great to create a place where people can work and enjoy fresh roasted and brewed coffee," Kosan said

Who is going to win? Walters American Breakfast vs Say my Name Pancake Breakfast? / Sizce kim kazanacak? ????☕️⚡️

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He hopes to expand the concept to the United States and Europe someday. We'll be the ones knocking then!

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