Rumors have been flying for weeks that Oscar winner Brie Larson would be joining the MCU as Captain Marvel, and now, the news is official, with the actress making her debut at Comic-Con to announce the casting.

Larson joined her fellow stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe onstage during a massive panel at Comic-Con this weekend, with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige announcing her name to wild cheers from the packed Hall H crowd.

Feige later said in an interview with USA Today that the actress "knows and understands and takes to heart the importance of what this role is," adding that Larson continues the studio's trend of attracting big-name talent to its arsenal.

"When you start with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, it's a high casting bar," Feige told USA Today. "And Brie is obviously spectacular."

The actress got in on the excitement on social media, sharing a photo of herself wearing a Marvel hat with the caption, "Call me Captain Marvel." Later, Larson tweeted, "I'm so excited to be part of the team."

Larson is just the latest awesome actress to become part of the MCU ranks, as this photo shared by fellow new MCU addition Lupita Nyong'o demonstrates. Cheers to this badass crew, and here's to the inclusion of many, many more.

"Captain Marvel" is due in theaters sometime in 2019.

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Photo credit: Getty Images for Disney