You can always count on the internet for a quirky, yet kind of perfect mash-up of two seemingly unrelated properties, and that's just what we have here in this clip of comedian Chris Farley edited into the trailer for "Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation."

In the video, created by YouTuber Todd Spence, the late Farley is spliced into the trailer in place of series star Tom Cruise. While Farley and Cruise may not seem to have much in common, the goofy clip somehow works nevertheless, including a spot-on usage of footage from the flick "Black Sheep," and the scene where Farley's character gets his jacket caught in an airplane door, and it takes flight with him flailing and trying to hold on.

That replaces Cruise's death-defying (and real) airplane stunt from the original trailer, but honestly, Farley's version works just as well. Plenty of other clips from "Black Sheep" and Farley classic "Tommy Boy" are also put to good use, too, many featuring only Farley's reaction shots, which are perfection on their own, but shine in an action context, too.

The clip reminds us just how much we miss Farley, who passed away in 1997. Thank god for his films and the internet, where his antics can live on forever.

Check out the mash-up below. "Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation" is in theaters now.

Watch the trailer

[via: Todd Spence, h/t HuffPost Entertainment]

Photo credit: Associated Press