Christina Applegate gets the laughs rolling when she spews out raunchy words in comedies, but when she was a youngster, her foul mouth got a much different reaction.

"I was in nursery school, and my mom got called in because I was running around, yelling [bleep] all over the place. Preschool, preschool - five," the 43-year-old recalls to host James Corden Thursday on "The Late Late Show."

Who does she blame it on? "This kid Nathaniel," she says. "His dad was a drummer. Yay, 1970s!"

But her childhood faux-pas is far more tame compared to her family trip gone terribly wrong in "Vacation," opposite Ed Helms, in theaters now. Watch the trailer below.


"What could go wrong?"
R1 hr 39 minJul 29th, 2015