Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro was among the thousands of LA-area residents forced to evacuate their homes due to wildfires.

The director shared a tweet that his house, which has an impressive collection of horror movie memorabilia, might be lost in the fires.

His gothic Bleak House was featured in a 2015 NY Times profile. Among his collection: More than 700 pieces of original art, including concept sketches for Disney’s "Fantasia" and "Sleeping Beauty" and props from his films, including "Blade II."

Disney exec Robert Iger shared this shocking photo of fire behind near the Disney lot in Burbank, where a different fire in Griffith Park has broken out.

Kim Kardashian also shared that she had to evacuate. As People reports, the reality star had to flee her home in Hidden Hills on Thursday night. She shared a video of the Woolsey Fire burning near her and Kanye West‘s home on Instagram stories.

Also evacuating: Alyssa Milano. She tweeted "I just had to evacuate my home from the fires. I took my kids, dogs, computer and my Doc Marten boots. (Husband is in NY. Horses are being evacuated by my trainer.)"

Fires have also forced the evacuation of all of Malibu.

Stay safe, people.

Update: Doctor Strange" director Scott Derrickson tweeted that he has lost his house but that he got out safely.

Among other celebs sharing evacuation stories on Twitter: Rainn Wilson, Melissa Etheridge, Linden Ashby of "Teen Wolf" and "Warehouse 13" star Eddie McClintock.

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