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Ben Foster (who really should have gotten some Oscar love for his performances in "Leave No Trace" and "Hell or High Water") might finally have his hat in the ring with the upcoming boxing drama "Harry Haft."

Barry Levinson ("Rain Man," Good Morning, Vietnam") is directing the true story of Haft, who survived Auschwitz and became a professional boxer. The remarkable Vicky Krieps of "Phantom Thread" will play the woman he seeks to win over.

The official synopsis:  "Harry is driven by his love of a woman to survive the unimaginable horrors of the German concentration camps. An SS Officer forces Harry to fight to the death against fellow prisoners in gruesome gladiatorial boxing matches. Harry finally escapes and makes it to New York. Haunted by his memories and guilt over his survival, he fights boxing legends, like Rocky Marciano, in the hopes that his name will get noticed and he will find his first love again."

BRON Studios

Levinson told IndieWire, "I wanted to tell the true story about how the love of a woman saves a young man from death at the hands of the Nazis. When Harry comes to America to search for the woman he loves, he is convinced that only by becoming a famous boxer will he find her. Ultimately, it is this love that is also at the root of his redemption for the guilt of having survived — this is the story of Harry Haft.”

Sounds like an awards magnet... but the film won't be out until at least 2020.

"Harry Haft" also stars Billy Magnussen, Danny DeVito, Peter Sarsgaard, and John Leguizamo.

[Via IndieWire]