Peter Dinklage in 'The Toxic Avenger.'

Peter Dinklage in 'The Toxic Avenger.' Credit: Legendary Pictures.

Peter Dinklage is probably still best known as Tyrion Lannister in TV mega-hit ‘Game of Thrones’. But he’s taken on a character that has a chance to become just as recognizable –– especially since it has cult status.

In the first picture released by Legendary in honor of the movie’s planned debut at next month’s Fantastic Fest, we see Dinklage play 'The Toxic Avenger,' mop in hand.

The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger

"A toxic world deserves a toxic hero."
R1 hr 42 minSep 21st, 2023
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A horrible toxic accident transforms downtrodden janitor, Winston Gooze into a new evolution of hero: The Toxic Avenger. Read the Plot

What’s the story of 'The Toxic Avenger'?

Exactly how the new movie will update the story remains to be seen, but the 1984 original follows struggling everyman janitor Melvin, who is pushed into a vat of toxic waste. He’s transformed into a mutant freak who must go from shunned outcast to underdog hero as he races to save his son, his friends and his community from the forces of corruption and greed.

It’s not necessarily the sort of character and concept you might expect to enjoy evergreen status, but spoofing superhero tropes, it became a flagship brand for low budget studio Troma, spawning sequels, a stage musical, a comic and a kids’ cartoon series.

All we really know at this point is the latest movie is a reimagining, with Dinklage’s character called Winston Gooze. That’s one to stick in the memory.

Who else is in the new movie?

Kevin Bacon as Fred Snr. in 'One Way.'

Kevin Bacon as Fred Snr. in 'One Way.'

With Macon Blair writing and directing, the cast also includes Jacob Tremblay, Elijah Wood, Julia Davis, Taylour Paige and Kevin Bacon.

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Dinklage talks the character and movie

Haley Bennett as Roxanne, and Peter Dinklage as Cyrano in Joe Wright’s 'Cyrano.'

(L to R) Haley Bennett as Roxanne, and Peter Dinklage as Cyrano in Joe Wright’s
'Cyrano,'a Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film. Photo credit: Peter Mountain. © 2021 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Star Peter Dinklage explained to Empire in 2021 why he decided to take the role:

“It’s a lot of fun. I just wanted to do something that I’ve never done before. So why not be a monster in an over-the-top, crazy movie? “It’s not a remake. I just like guerrilla filmmaking. Those movies –– they just made them, no matter what. They just did it because they love doing it. Some of them are not the best, but some are so much fun. When you make movies too clean, it can distance the audience. They want to feel the dirt under their fingernails. I think those Troma films definitely dipped the audience in toxic waste.”

How can I see the movie’s debut?

Fantastic Fest will take place in Austin, Texas on September 21st - September 28th.

Fantastic Fest will take place in Austin, Texas on September 21st - September 28th. Photo courtesy of

Along with many other titles, ‘The Toxic Avenger’ will debut at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas. It’ll serve as the opening night movie.

The genre-heavy festival runs between September 21st and 28th this year and you can get badges to attend via this link.

This new ‘The Toxic Avenger’ doesn’t yet have a theatrical release date.

A scene from 1984's 'The Toxic Avenger.'

A scene from 1984's 'The Toxic Avenger.' Photo courtesy of Troma Entertainment.

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