So much for that King County bromance. "The Walking Dead" Season 6 starts in October, but AMC just released the first poster/banner/key art in advance of July's San Diego Comic-Con 2015, where the cast and crew will once again dominate Hall H with an awesome promo and zero answers on what actually happens in the 16 episodes ahead. But this first poster does give us some strong hints.

The image shows Season 1 besties Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Morgan Jones (Lennie James), almost butting heads, but also almost leaning into each other's foreheads in that I LOVE YOU MAN bromance way. They are looking past each other, heavily hinting to two sides being taken in Season 6 -- Rick's Atlanta OGs and new friends to the left, and the Alexandrians to the right, led possibly by Rick's old savior Morgan but also including Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Apparently he is not done betraying Rick's group. Shocker.

It's interesting to see who is singled out and placed where in the image. We have Rick at center with his other bromance buddy Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) behind him, then Glenn (Steven Yeun), Maggie (Lauren Cohan ), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Carol (Melissa McBride, still in Cookie Mom attire), Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green), Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Tara (Alanna Masterson). They are standing by the Alexandria wall and burned lookout tower, where Sasha occasionally likes to lose her mind. No baby Judith, but that poor kid rarely makes it into the promo material.

To the right we have Morgan and his "all life is precious" mantra fronting Team Alexandria, with Deanna Monroe (Toval Fedshuh) behind him (interesting that she's behind him) next to Rick's new girlfriend Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge), Aaron (Ross Marquand) the recruiter, and Spencer Monroe (Austin Nichols), whom we didn't see too much in Season 5. Austin Nichols may finally get to do something this season, which is good. (Does he look angry in this pic? Maybe he's going to blame Rick and company for what happened to his brother and father.)

The cropped version really focuses in on Rick, Morgan, Daryl, Deanne, Jessie, and FG, but at least we see the others in the background. The full banner -- see it here in all its glory -- also reveals the locations around them and a ton of sky above. Is there significance to the amount of air they left above them?
Season 5 ended with Rick killing Pete (on Deanna's order/request) and Morgan walking in on the action, flanked by Daryl and Aaron. Morgan's perspective has changed drastically since the last time we saw him "clear" back in Season 3. He is now a no-kill Jedi master and Rick is fully in kill-or-die mode. However, Season 5 also ended with The Wolves in possession of the Alexandria map, so they know where our group is and seemed poised to attack. They are nowhere to be found in this first poster, but the wall is there and we're worried about this team working together if/when The Wolves attack and the wall is breached.

AMC also added that "The Walking Dead" Comic Con panel will take place Friday, July 10 at 12:00 pm PDT in Hall H. So that's when we should get the massive trailer that is usually based on the first five or six episodes but still never actually tells us as much as we think it does. They haven't even finished shooting most of the episodes -- the Episode 8 midseason finale probably won't be shot until August and the finale will be filmed toward the end of November.

Are you excited for TWD Season 6? "Fear the Walking Dead" will show up first in August, but this is the showdown we're really pumped about.

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