Jonah Hill makes a great Bronn. Who knew? "Game of Thrones" got itself a new trailer, set to audio from "The Wolf of Wall Street," in a clever new YouTube mashup. Peter Dinklage's Tyrion Lannister is the star, as he should be, but all of his lines come from Leonardo DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort.

Strangely enough, it fits, especially Bronn in the comedic sidekick role, but there are also great little laughing snippets for Jon Snow and Arya Stark. (Someone should've gotten the McConaughey treatment, though; The Hound could've taken on that "Wolf" chest-thumping speech in a mix with GoT's chicken scene.)

Check it out:
The YouTuber who made it, AFK Anthony, posted it as a follow-up to his "The Walking Dead"/"Deadpool" mashup, which remixed the AMC show as a Rick/Daryl buddy comedy set to "Shoop."

Here's that one:Nice. Fans who miss TWD and GoT should get details on the new seasons (especially for TWD Season 7) later this month out of San Diego Comic-Con.

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