In this latest TV spot from Lucasfilm we get a couple of title cards that ominously tell us that "The Saga will end." That shouldn't be too big a surprise; you can only have three movies in a trilogy, right?

This trailer definitely plays up the idea of things coming to a close. Not only do we hear Mark Hamill talking about destiny, we also hear Threepio say something about looking at his friends "one last time." That might mean this is the last ride for the fussy protocol droid. On the other hand, the trailers for 'The Force Awakens' and 'The Last Jedi' were pretty good at using misdirection to subvert our expectations, so it won't be too surprising to see that happening here. In any event, all will be revealed in less than a month when 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' opens on December 20.