They weren’t even born when R.L. Stine first published his “Goosebumps” series in 1992.

But costars Odeya Rush, 18, Dylan Minnette, 18, and Ryan Lee, 19, agree that more than two decades later, the popular young adult fiction horror books is long over due for big screen adaptation.

“Twenty years in the making,” Lee tells Made in Hollywood. “It’s the right time.”

The young actors are featured in the kid-friendly horror movie starring Jack Black as the spooky scribe Stine. For the rising stars, it’s a highpoint in their burgeoning careers working opposite one of the most popular comedic-actors.

“I was, honestly, really intimidated to meet Jack, I’m a huge fan, says Rush. Jack is so cool and down to Earth and puts everyone at ease. You sort of forget the stardom and level he’s at.”

Watch the "Goosebumps" trailer below.


"The stories are alive"
PG1 hr 43 minOct 16th, 2015
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