Give the guy a chance!

Shane West's Bane may not be the villain "Gotham" deserves, but he's the one it needs -- or at least has -- right now.

"Gotham" is now filming its fifth and final season. Fans will see the results in 2019. But fans have already seen the first looks at Shane West as DC Comics villain Bane. And many are unimpressed -- so far.

"Gotham" writer/producer Tze Chun shared the first photo of West's Bane:

Many fan reactions compared the look to the comics, and to Tom Hardy in "The Dark Knight Rises." Others just shared visceral knee-jerk reactions:

At least one fan kept it positive:

Entertainment Weekly followed with another full shot of Bane, which was first previewed by Shane West himself:

Jeff Neumann/FOX, via EW

EW's commenters shared their own Bane reactions:

• "He looks like Immortan joe..."

• "Holy hell. That is bad even by Gotham's own terrible standards. That's "Batman and Robin"-level terrible. This is a catastrophe."

• "Looks more Terminator than Bane to me. Still think the idea of him breaking Alfred's back is silly."

Yeah, apparently Bane will snap Alfred's (Sean Pertwee) spine.

Shane West's tweet replies were kinder, as you might hope, including this response that got support from the actor himself:

According to EW, Bane will be introduced as Eduardo Dorrance, a former Army friend of Jim Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie), who is gradually transformed into the supervillain.

Showrunner John Stephens described this Bane as “very, very strong, and very angry … we made him integral to the fact of coming in as a special ops government agent."

"Gotham" Season 4 ended with "No Man's Land," as Gotham was mostly evacuated and overrun by villains. Only a few -- including Bruce Wayne -- stayed behind to try and keep the peace in the city.

"Gotham" will end its run on Fox in 2019.

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