'Tis the season to be asking about 2015 holiday episodes. That's apparently a big topic for fans, since "Castle" and Fox's "Bones."

Since "Bones" has the better news, let's let them go first. When TVLine was asked if "Bones" would have a Christmas episode, this was the response:

...Dunno about a Christmas episode. What I donno is, for the first time in the show's 11-year history, we will be getting a Thanksgiving episode. "We, shockingly, have never done a Thanksgiving episode," co-showrunner Michael Peterson marvels to TVLine. "That's the one we're prepping right now. There will be surprise guest stars. There'll be returning family members."

Sounds great! Here's the less good news for "Castle." A fan asked if there would be a holiday episode and TVLine mentioned the show's schedule change -- adding a long winter break -- that puts the kibosh on that:

As you may have surmised upon reading about Castle (and Nashville) joining the ranks of split-season ABC shows, there will be no holly jolly follies this year. "Unfortunately," co-showrunner Alexi Hawley told us, "because of the way ABC is platforming us — we do eight episodes and end [Nov. 23], and we're not on again until the beginning of February — we won't be on the air for the holidays."

Here's more not happening news re: "Castle." One viewer just asked for some general spoilers and got some bad news for Beckett fans:

I'm hearing that a late fall episode — most likely the Nov. 9 installment — will be very Beckett-lite. As in she will, at best, maybe-possibly be in one scene. ABC declined to comment, but my guess is Stana Katic had an "out" in her contract so she could be here.

That "here" link takes you to a YouTube video showing Stana Katic at Milan Fashion Week in late September. That was probably a good time, but we'll miss seeing her on screen. It's sad to hear one episode will be nearly Beckett-free and there will be a huge midseason gap that prevents having a fun holiday show.

It's the curse of the midseason break! The last thing we need is more shows to take that winter vacation -- what are we supposed to do in December, stop watching TV completely? Blasphemy!

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