We're about due for another "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie. The last one was "Texas Chainsaw 3D," way back in 2013, and it focused on a young woman (Alexandra Daddario) who turns out to be related to the chainsaw-wielding maniac known as Leatherface. That didn't go so well, so the writers for this installment of Leatherface's misadventures have decided it's time to explore how our villain became so downright nasty.

In the movie, three teen inmates from a mental hospital escape, kidnap a nurse, and hit the road. According to Deadline, "they are pursued by an equally deranged lawman out for revenge," played by Stephen Dorff. Bloody-Disgusting is describing the film as a sort of mystery. So, which of these apples will turn out to be rotten to the core?

"Leatherface" was written by Seth M. Sherwood, making his feature-length debut. The directors behind the project, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, have serious horror credentials. They co-wrote and co-directed the ultra-nasty "Inside," one of the most famous movies from the French New Extreme movement.

"Leatherface" will start shooting on May 18.

[Via Deadline]