To act scared you have to be scared, says “The Chosen’s” Angelica Chitwood.

“As an actress, to make a scene scary for me,” she explains, “I just jump in there and become extremely physically terrified myself and hope it reads that way on film.”

In the horror flick, available to stream on Netflix and other platforms now, she plays Caitlin, a former drug addict and single mother on the mend.

Starring opposite YouTube star Kian Lawley as her brother, a series of complications sends her on a destructive path to save her cursed daughter (actress Mykayla Sohn). To circumvent the little girl’s ill-fated future, six relatives from their bloodline must be sacrificed—quickly—lest a child-stealing demon takes her to hell as its prize.

Capturing all of the terrifying moments was an entirely different process for the film’s director Ben Jehoshua.

“I would say the number one thing that scares people is a lack of knowledge what’s around the bend or what’s coming,” he explains. “Also a claustrophobic approach to the framing (of the camera) is effective.”

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The Chosen

The Chosen

"The first kill is the hardest."
Not Yet Rated1 hr 28 minJul 24th, 2015