What happened to Sherlock Holmes after he retired from the private dick biz? Did he ever retire? The upcoming movie "Mr. Holmes" catches up with Sherlock as a 93-year-old man who's more interested in bee keeping then solving crimes. At the prodding of young Roger, the son of his housekeeper Mrs. Munro, Holmes reflects on his early years, why he retired, and one last unsolved case.

Although "Mr. Holmes" is billed as a mystery, it looks like it will tug a few heartstrings too. After all, who can resist Ian McKellen as an elderly gent contemplating his mortality? The film reunites McKellen with his "Gods and Monsters" director Bill Condon. Incidentally, Laura Linney, who plays Sherlock's housekeeper Mrs. Munro, was in Condon's film "Kinsey." In any case, although Condon's come to be more famous for his work on the "Twilight" flicks, "Mr. Holmes" looks like a promising venture.

"Mr. Holmes" is due out this summer.