It took TLC long enough to make it clear, but no more kids will be added to the title of the now defunct "19 Kids and Counting." The reality show was just officially canceled by the network; a brief statement to The Associated Press (via People) revealed the series "will no longer appear on the air."

As you know, back in May, it emerged that Josh Duggar had been investigated for child molestation and two of his victims were his own sisters. At the time, TLC pulled the show from the air, but it was only airing reruns, there was still question over whether the show would return at some point.

Last October, TLC pulled "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" after the Mama June/Mark McDaniel child molestation scandal. After the Duggar scandal, Mama June voiced her frustration with TLC's "double standard" to immediately cancel "Honey Boo Boo" but let "19 Kids" stay in limbo. Now they are both gone. Justice? Or do you think TLC should show more support (or take more blame) for the families they put on the air?

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