In case you didn't know, "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling shares her birthday, July 31, with the titular boy wizard, and to celebrate, she took to Twitter on Friday to thank fans for their love and support.

In a series of tweets, Rowling acknowledged her and Harry's shared special day, and revealed that she's vacationing somewhere sunny with her family to celebrate. The author, who turns 50 today, then joked that she was going to post a picture of herself with her dog, because "in dog years I'm dead."

We wouldn't expect anything other than loveliness and cheekiness from the notoriously hilarious and heartfelt author. In fact, that loveliness extended to yet another high-profile person who shares Rowling's birthday: "Daily Show" correspondent Jessica Williams, who Rowling also gave a shout-out to. Somehow, it just makes sense that Rowling would love the equally-awesome Williams. (Williams later responded, "This was awesome to wake up to! ... Enjoy our day!")

Check out Rowling's tweets below, and feel free to wish her a happy birthday yourself over on Twitter. You may just get a reply from the author -- and make her day even more magical.

[via: J.K. Rowling]

Photo credit: Photo by Danny E. Martindale/Getty Images