Happy birthday to Daniel Craig, who turns 47 on March 2. He's appeared in some 60 movies and TV shows over the past quarter-century, but no matter what else he ever does, he'll still be best known for the three of them in which he played James Bond. Make that four, since his next Agent 007 adventure, "Spectre," is due in November.

The celebration of Craig's birthday and his best-known role seemed a good enough excuse to ponder the Bond series, a franchise of 23 movies to date that have offered remarkably consistent entertainment over the past 53 years. Over all that time, the franchise has seen six stars play 007, along with dozens of Bond girls and megalomaniacal villains, many groundbreaking action sequences, and countless diabolically clever spy gadgets, but it's also been controlled by just one family of producers, the Broccolis. Give them credit -- along with the blueprint laid out by 007 creator Ian Fleming in a dozen novels -- for the quality control that has persisted from Sean Connery's turn as the martini-sipping spy until Craig's; (By contrast, look at the difference in the two notably non-Broccoli Bond movies.) Here, then, is Moviefone's ranking of all the James Bond movies to date, from worst to best.