Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence recently took a one-year break from making movies, but is now ready to hit the big screen again. And the project she's chosen for her triumphant return, while still mysterious, certainly has the bones of an intriguing feature.

The actress -- who was last seen in 2017's wildly divisive, much-debated "mother!" and 2018's "Red Sparrow" -- has just signed on to star in an untitled drama from first-time feature director Lila Neugebauer, written by debut screenwriter Elizabeth Sanders. Neugebauer is an accomplished theater director who's enjoyed enormous success over the past few years in Broadway and off-Broadway productions; she made her Broadway directing debut last year with an acclaimed revival of Kenneth Lonergan's "The Waverly Gallery," starring Elaine May, Lucas Hedges, Joan Allen, and Michael Cera.

That pedigree will certainly come in handy, and Neugebauer acknowledged as much in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about her first film project. The director told THR that helming an episode of the Duplass Brothers' HBO anthology series "Room 104" helped get her feet wet, and the experience was "a natural fit."

According to THR, Neugebauer is known for "the subtlety of her productions, with their ultra-naturalistic flow and seamless ensemble work," and the director told the trade that this new movie is "an intimate film that wants to be close to the bone and wants to be quite personal."

In that regard, she continued, working with Lawrence is definitely the correct choice. Neugebauer called the actress "a really astonishing partner," adding "It was very clear to me very quickly that we have a deep shared understanding of the project and she's a really collaborative spirit, so I'm looking forward to having this opportunity to merge minds with her."

Sounds like a match made in heaven to us. The film starts shooting in June in New Orleans.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]