Comedian Seinfeld" brewing is cause for celebration.

There isn't much to go on in that department, but a quick comment from the comedian on the matter during a recent appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" certainly has fans excited. While chatting with DeGeneres about the recent spate of TV reboots and revivals, including the upcoming "Roseanne" and the recently announced "Murphy Brown," the host asked Seinfeld if his show could ever join their ranks.

"It's possible," the comedian replied, to uproarious cheers from the studio audience.

That was literally Seinfeld's only comment on the matter, though, and his previous thoughts on the prospect certainly don't bode well for such a project's future. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in September, the comedian didn't think there was any reason to revive the sitcom.

"Why?" Seinfeld asked in response to ET's query about bringing the show back. "Maybe it's nice that you continue to love it instead of us tampering with something that went pretty well."

So, sure, "it's possible" that "Seinfeld" could come back. But fans should probably remember that it's also much more likely that it won't. (This concludes your Debbie Downer reality check of the day.)