You get down with your bad self, Gandhi!

"Lip Sync Battle" opens its third season October 12 with Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley, 72, vs. "Star Trek" and "Harold & Kumar" hero John Cho, 44. Gandhi vs. Sulu. But really it's Elton John in full regalia vs. a grinding Rod Stewart. And we all win for watching.

Spike just released a couple of entertaining sneak peek videos to tease the Season 3 premiere, which airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. (Yep, that's a new day and time.)

Here's Sir Ben not-quite-singing Elton John's "Rocketman" at the piano:

And here's John Cho getting sexy right up in Sir Ben's face to ask Rod Stewart's eternal question, "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?": The answer is yes! Photos for the premiere also show John Cho in cowboy mode...

... but there are no videos to tease that song yet, so you'll have to watch Wednesday to see what he and his dastardly mustache are up to (or check out the YouTube videos Thursday morning).

Future lip sync-ers for Season 3 include Don Cheadle, Ruby Rose, Jay Leno, Laverne Cox, Lupita Nyong'o, Sarah Hyland, Wanda Sykes, Uzo Aduba, Milla Jovovich, America Ferrera, Regina Hall, Samira Wiley, Craig Ferguson, T.J. Miller, DeAndre Jordan, Jeff Dye, and Rob Riggle.

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