From "The Young Pope" to "The New Pope," HBO just keeps blessing us with riches.

Jude Law starred in Paolo Sorrentino’s rich and ambitious "The Young Pope." He will be back for the follow-up "The New Pope," and HBO just revealed that he'll be joined by John Malkovich.

According to Deadline, production will begin in Italy in November.

Here's Variety's report from when this new series was announced in May 2017:

"HBO and Sky have teamed up on 'The New Pope,' a new limited series to be directed by Sorrentino that will not be a second season of 'The Young Pope.' The show will be 'set in the world of the modern papacy,' but HBO and Sky declined to release further details of the story."

So it's a new series, but Deadline said it's "still expected to retain some elements of 'Young Pope.'" That series left the fate of Jude Law's American pontiff Lenny Belardo unclear. But he's meant to return for "The New Pope," in some fashion or another. It's not clear yet if Malkovich would definitely play the new pope or not. He should!

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