He might be onto something. Stay with him here.

John Mayer is not the first person to tie the 2016 movie "The Accountant" to the DCEU's Batman movies. The first would probably be Ben Affleck, since he stars in both sets of Warner Bros. films. But there are deeper levels, and the singer decided to go down that rabbit hole after Christmas.

Before getting into John Mayer's theory, a SPOILER ALERT is due if you haven't seen "The Accountant":

What do you think? Is he Bat-sh*t crazy? Fans don't think so...

Seth Lee, who plays the younger version of Ben Affleck's character in "The Accountant," added his two cents:

Nice. The debate may continue -- on both "The Accountant" as a Batman movie and "Die Hard" as a Christmas movie -- but at least fans have been given some points to ponder into 2018. And since a sequel to "The Accountant" is reportedly in the works, we can cross our fingers for some kind of Bat signal linking the two universes.

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