Warning: "The Bachelorette" spoilers reference ahead.

Only one episode of JoJo Fletcher's "The Bachelorette" has aired so far, and there is already a ton of drama -- even from the sober guys. Before Monday's premiere, spoiler guru Reality Steve reported that JoJo would pick Jordan Rodgers, younger brother of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Steve also listed a bunch of allegations about Jordan being a player, and just on the show for fame. He also claimed JoJo and Jordan "were talking to each other before the show began filming."

Well, JoJo just posted her premiere night blog for People.com, and she directly addresses that rumor, saying she had seen the leaked spoilers about Jordan being part of the cast, but she never spoke to him. She emphasized the "spoke" part. (Is she leaving room for the idea that they communicated in another way -- text or whatnot?)

Here are the Jordan sections of her blog:

"When Jordan stepped out I felt an immediate attraction; not only was he good looking, but it felt so natural talking to him. I mean talk about off to a good start! If the rest of these guys were anything like him I knew I would be in for a phenomenal journey. [...]

When Chris Harrison dropped off the first impression rose on the table, I had a lot of thinking to do. So many of these men really impressed me that night, I feel like a lot of them made great impressions. But, I couldn't help but think of when Jordan stepped out of the limo, I knew there was a connection between us. It wasn't until we kissed (my REAL first kiss of the evening) that I knew he had made a lasting impression. So, I decided to give him my first impression rose."

This is where she gets into RumorPatrol:

"And hey, let me put something else to rest right now. A couple people have asked me if I spoke to Jordan prior to that first night, and I can honestly tell you that at no time did we ever speak to each other. The first time we spoke was when he stepped out of that limo and said hello! Sure, his name had been leaked online and I knew a guy named Jordan Rodgers was likely arriving, but we never ever spoke."

So JoJo is apparently following spoilers, too. It's possible the spoiler that she picked Jordan is wrong, but there's really no right way for someone in her position to address that particular report, so we'll have to see how she and the show navigate things from here.

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