Writer-director Kevin Smith gave fans quite a scare earlier this year, when he suffered a massive heart attack after performing a stand-up set. Now, Smith is much healthier, and is showing off his dramatic weight loss to prove it.

In a pair of posts on social media, the "Clerks" director revealed that he had shed more than 50 pounds over the past six months, a quest that began with an order from his medical team shortly after his heart attack.

"The Doctor told me to lose 50 pounds, but I have a problem doing what I’m told," Smith tweeted. "So I lost 51 pounds instead."

In a continuing post on Instagram, the writer-director said that he currently weighs 205 pounds, and hopes to lose an additional 10.

"I’m ecstatic to have reached this chunky milestone!" Smith joked.

He went on to thank some people who helped him along the way, including fellow comic Penn Jillette (who penned a weight loss book, "Presto!") and his daughter, actress Harley Quinn Smith ("Yoga Hosers"), who helped him transition to a vegan diet ("which is tough because I hate vegetables," he quipped). And of course, Smith said, he couldn't have done it without the support of his fans.

His post continued:

"But mostly, I wanna thank all of you as well - for the kind and encouraging words along the way. Never underestimate the power of positive feedback: you folks telling me I looked better or healthier helped me stick with it. An encouraging word can really make a difference in someone’s life and your compliments kept me going! And just look where I went!"

We're glad to see Smith looking so healthy and happy, and wish him well on his continued journey. Here's to many more goofy movies (like the upcoming "Jay and Silent Bob" quasi-sequel/"reboot") ahead.