Forget "Bad Boys" -- the bad girls of "L.A.'s Finest" are here.

Spectrum Originals unveiled the official trailer for the series Thursday, and it shows stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba at their most dangerous. The two play Sydney "Syd" Burnett and Nancy McKenna, respectively, two LAPD officers who are paired as partners. The duo has to learn to work together while dealing with the dangers of the job.

And there are plenty of dangers, as the trailer shows. The characters have to prove their toughness, especially when a dark part of McKenna's past returns to stir up trouble. Still, there are funny moments as well. Watch below.

Union's character was originally introduced in 2003's "Bad Boys II" as the sister of Martin Lawrence's Marcus Burnett and secret love interest of Will Smith's Mike Lowrey. In the film, her character was also an undercover DEA agent. Now that she is with the LAPD, she has clearly made some changes in her life, although she's still in law enforcement.

We'll see more when "L.A.'s Finest" premieres May 13 on Spectrum Originals.