She has starred opposite acclaimed actors like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Liam Neeson and Paul Giamatti, but it is her latest co-star, Sir Ian McKellen in “Mr. Holmes,” who has impressed Laura Linney the most.

“I was working with one of my favorite directors and with an actor who I long admired and has a skill set way beyond 99 percent of the actors working,” she reveals to Made in Hollywood.

In the Bill Condon directed mystery-drama, Linney takes on the part of Homles’ widowed housekeeper Mrs. Munro. Set in 1947, Holmes is now 93 years old with his sharp skills in decline. As the frail former detective attempts to solve his latest mystery—dead bees—with help from Mrs. Munro’s young son (Milo Parker), he recalls the facts of his final case through flashbacks.

Mr. Holmes

"The man behind the myth."
PG1 hr 44 minJul 17th, 2015