We don't know what the next man is going through, even when that man is famous for making us laugh. That's the message of CeeLo Green's new song "Robin Williams," the first single from his upcoming album "Heart Blanche," which is out in November. The song references the shocking news of Robin Williams's death by suicide -- which happened one year ago on August 11 -- and also references late celebrities John Belushi, Richard Pryor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Phil Hartman.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Oh what a night, oh what a night, tears staring up at the sky in disbelief/I've got a voice in my head, voice in my head, guess what it said? 'All we need is comic relief'/But I'm afraid of not being able to laugh anymore/What's life going to become once we don't have anymore heroes?

We don't know what the next man is going through/Wish I could say it in a plainer way/We don't know/Life reminds me of Robin Williams/We've got to laugh the pain away.

CeeLo shared two videos with the song, one featuring the full track and one with a teaser of the interactive video:

It's a pretty catchy song, as well as poignant and powerful in its own way. 'Cause we don't know -- we don't know what demons even our heroes may be struggling to overcome.

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