Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker -- who should not have been looking at sexy photos of someone dressed as his sister -- is A-OK with Amy Schumer's new "Star Wars" GQ spread. Unlike @StarWars. And Lucasfilm. And Disney. And some disapproving fans. But whatever, he's the Jedi. And not only was the original "Star Wars" hero fine with the photos, he thought they meant she was joining the crew for 2017's "Star Wars: Episode VIII."

Here's his tweet on the subject:

They would be lucky to have her, but she'd be even luckier to be part of this amazing franchise. (But considering that R-rated spread and the official "Star Wars" reaction, we're guessing no one will be getting lucky.) The next "Star Wars" movie, "Episode VII - The Force Awakens," is coming out this December 18. That one is already filmed, but there's still time for newbies to be cast in "Episode VIII," which has a release date of May 26, 2017. Heck with Amy, though, please cast us!

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