If you felt a great disturbance in The Force after seeing GQ's new photo spread with Amy Schumer and some very sexualized "Star Wars" characters, you were not alone. Apparently the "Star Wars" bosses weren't happy either. From here, it seems like Lucasfilm and Disney are the most powerful forces in the galaxy, but multiple replies from the official "Star Wars" Twitter account to offended fans suggests their voices were silenced on the matter:

That statement was issued over and over again to fans tweeting complaints to @StarWars. The spread is very un-Disney-like, so it's no surprise they would not approve ... but also maybe not want to make a huge deal about it because that might just send more curious people out looking for the photos?

Comedians often aim for the irreverent, and anyone who has seen Amy Schumer's "Inside Amy Schumer" shouldn't be surprised to see her push boundaries when it comes to sex. But will the backlash affect her new movie "Trainwreck" or are the offended fans people who wouldn't be buying tickets to that anyway?

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