Don’t get it twisted, folks! The latest "Fantastic Four" isn't what you think it is.

"This isn't a remake," Miles Teller (Reed Richards) tells Made in Hollywood.

So then how exactly should people classify director Josh Trank's action-packed flick?

"This is a reboot, and they do that in theater a lot," Teller explains. "They'll kind of reboot something. It's called a revival. And, yeah, hopefully you're kind of bringing something to it different and unique. We absolutely did a complete 180 from the last one, in terms of our tone."

The marvel comics-based film about earth-saving superheroes - which also stars Jamie Bell, Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan - hits theaters on Friday.

Fantastic Four

"Change is coming."
PG-131 hr 40 minAug 7th, 2015
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