"Mr. Robinson," starring Craig Robinson, made its debut Wednesday, August 5th, on NBC. It's about a part-time musician who gets a job as a part-time music teacher, all to reconnect with an old high school flame he stood up at his prom.

I liked the concept of "Mr. Robinson," which shows a new high school music teacher (Robinson) who is more of a friend to the students than a teacher or disciplinarian. In one scene, he catches a kid on the school yard with a joint, but instead of having him expelled he takes the joint, chastises him a little, then dismisses him with a "now get yo little ass outta here." Parts of the show were fun and funny and made me laugh (like that joint scene), but others (for those of you who had biology class) were about as fun and funny as watching fungi get freaky.

"Mr. Robinson" had its funny moments in the two episodes that aired but, it really needs to be funnier if it's going to last. That said, I'm ready to tune in next week. This comedy has heart, and it's fun to watch with the whole family. Kids will really like it and, perhaps, relate better to it than the adults in the room.

The premiere of "Mr. Robinson" drew NBC's best summer comedy viewership since 2007, with 4.6 million viewers, and internet buzz says NBC ordered six episodes of Mr. Robinson. I hope we get to see episode 7, 8, and 20. Congrats, Craig Robinson!

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