Despite a strong fan outcry against the cancellation of "The OA," Netflix will not be making a movie to wrap up the mind-bending drama series.

Netflix canceled "The OA" after two seasons (out of a planned five by creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij). Fans immediately took to social media to protest the move and even came up with conspiracy theories about the cancellation being part of the on-screen storyline.

Variety reports that the creators and Netflix were talking about the idea of tying up loose ends with a two-hour movie, but that the discussion broke down. The cast of "The OA" has been released from their contracts.

And since Netflix produces "The OA," the series cannot be shopped to another outlet. (The Sony-produced "One Day at a Time" was canceled by Netflix, then rescued by Pop TV.)

Last weekend, Marling posted a thank you letter to fans on Instagram for their support: