Guy Pearce, The Innocents


Is Netflix backing away from the term it made famous?

The Netflix streaming model popularized watching a series in one giant gasp, launching the next episode right after the previous one finished.

But now, thanks to a report by "The Innocents" star Guy Pearce, it sound like Netflix doesn't want to play up its main feature.

IndieWire relayed a conversation between Guy Pearce and the Empire Film Podcast. Empire asked if viewers would binge-watch his new show "The Innocents," and that's when Pearce surprised with this tidbit:

"I don’t think Netflix likes the term ‘binge.' When we did the promotion for [‘The Innocents’] in the [United States], we were strictly sort of instructed beforehand not to talk about ‘binge-watching.'"

OK. Is Netflix just getting sensitive about the word "binge" because of a binge-eating or binge-drinking connotation? Or -- as some conspiracy theorists now wonder -- is Netflix preparing to back away from its own binge-watch model? Will it soon do what, say, Hulu and regular cable/network TV do and release new episodes each week instead of all at once? Are they going to go Old School?

Fans noticed that Netflix is testing out promos between episodes, which some fans have viewed as adding commercials. And there have been reports that Netflix's latest price hike has lost the steamer some lower-income customers. So what if they are getting ready to shift gears in this super-competitive content market, as an attempt to keep costs down and subscribers up?

That's pure speculation, but Guy Pearce was told what he was told for some reason. It's hard to imagine Netflix would suddenly -- after years -- shy away from the word "binge" when they certainly haven't shied away from controversy. If anything, they court it -- from "13 Reasons Why" to "Insatiable" and beyond.

Either way, Netflix can't be too happy with Guy Pearce for not only talking about binge-watching, but getting it in so many headlines. But we love him for his candor!

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