Noel Neill, the first actress to portray Lois Lane on screen, died Sunday in her Tucson, Arizona home at the age of 95.

Neill starred in 1948's "Superman," 1950's "Atom Man vs. Superman," and the television series "Adventures of Superman" opposite George Reeves. After Reeves died in 1959 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, she quit acting and went into public relations.

She made a few cameos in later "Superman" movies, including the 1978 film, the 1980s series "Superboy," and Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns."

It was ironic that Neill portrayed a plucky reporter, since her father was a newspaper editor in Minnesota. But rather than following in his footsteps, she headed to Hollywood, where she got a contract at Paramount Pictures. She appeared in Westerns like "Adventures of Frank and Jesse James" and "Whistling Hills" before taking on the role of Lois Lane.

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