Another '90s TV show is making a comeback.

A revival of "Northern Exposure," about a city doctor taking up residence in a quirky small town in Alaska, is in development. Star Rob Morrow, who played Dr. Joel Fleishman, is set to reprise his role and executive produce.

Original series co-creators Josh Brand and John Falsey are also on board.

The premise: Fleishman returns to Cicely for the funeral of a friend. Back in Cicely, the doctor reunites with old friends and meets a new set of characters.

Guesses for whose funeral he's attending: Now-88-year-old John Cullum's bartender Holling or Maurice J. Minnifield (Barry Corbin), the millionaire who first brought Fleishman to town.

The series ran on CBS from 1990 to 1995. It received a total of 57 award nominations, winning 27, including the 1992 Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

No further word on which other cast members would be coming back. John Corbett will be producing, but it's not clear if he's also returning as smooth-voiced DJ Chris Stevens.

[Via Deadline]