Taraji P. Henson was not nominated for Best Actress for "Hidden Figures" (for the last time, not "Hidden Fences") but she deserves a special award for Best Reaction To The Latest Oscars Food Stunt.

Last year we had Chris Rock's Girl Scout cookies (leading to Leo's tasty memes) and this year, Oscars 2017 host Jimmy Kimmel decided no movie is complete without candy, so cue floating Red Vines and Junior Mints flying down from the sky.

No one appreciated the candy more than Taraji, who reacted exactly as we would have:


The only thing that could've made her smile more is if they dropped free cookies. (UPDATE: Later in the night, they did drop free cookies and doughnuts.)

Then again, Taraji does seem to be that happy about everything:

Considering she did not get a nomination, even though her co-star and film did, the film keeps getting called the wrong name, and even this happened ...

... Taraji had plenty of reasons to be at least slightly irked. But nothing can stop her shine. Plus, she has the example of great women like Katherine Johnson:

But you know who else had a great reaction to the candy? Mel Gibson! The "Hacksaw Ridge" director proved he can take a joke, chowing down on Red Vines after Kimmel took another shot at him during the show.

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