Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) will be back for more desperate scrambling and shrewd strategy in Netflix's "Ozark" Season 3.

Jason Bateman -- lead actor, executive producer, *and* regular episode director -- broke the news after teasing it out yesterday on Twitter:

Yeah, Marty is pretty much overwhelmed at this point. He wouldn't be rooting for more. (Wendy, on the other hand...)

Netflix just released "Ozark" Season 2 on August 31. The first two seasons had 10 episodes each, and that's expected to be the same for Season 3.

You know who's going to love this news? LeBron James. He's been plugging the show, and waiting for Netflix to announce Season 3:

It's true. Ruth (Julia Garner) is the best.

Julia Garner is serving some A+ acting right now, from "Ozark" and "The Americans" to "Maniac," playing drastically different characters in each series. Maybe she'll be next on the Emmys list. Jason Bateman was nominated for Season 1 in two categories at the 2018 Emmys: Lead Actor in a Drama Series and Directing for a Drama Series.

There's no Season 3 release date at this point, but Season 1 came out in July 2017, and Netflix released Season 2 in August 2018, so ... let's go ahead and pencil in Season 3 for next summer.

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