Think you're a fan of "Raiders of the Lost Ark?" These kids have got you -- nay, all of us -- beat.

"Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made" documents the tale you've all heard by now, about how a trio of 11-year-old boys from Mississippi who, back in '80s, did a shot-for-shot remake of Steven Spielberg's first Indiana Jones movie. What they lacked in budget they more than made up for with imagination, as the three kids spent seven years turning one of their homes into a soundstage.

From the Well of Souls ("Snakes... Why'd it have to be snakes?") to Marion's bar in Napal, these kids were scary-good at making their childhood dream come true. See how they did it in this exclusive clip.
Two stars of the doc, Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala, are touring across the U.S. to screen both "Raiders!" and their original fan-film adaptation. The plan is to visit more than 35 cities this summer, with more stops on the way.

Click here for more info and tickets. "Raiders!" swings into theaters and on VOD June 17.