Rami Malek is now a newly-minted Emmy winner, thanks to his starring role on USA drama series "Mr. Robot," but before all that, he was a struggling young actor who took a bit part on a WB show back in 2004 to get his start. That series, his first credited TV role, just happened to be "Gilmore Girls," but as the actor tells it, it was an overwhelming experience for a very specific (and totally unsurprising) reason.

In an interview with Vulture, Malek reflected on his appearance on "Gilmore," where for one scene in season four he played Andy, a classmate of Lane's (Keiko Agena) at her Seventh-Day Adventist college who kept insisting that they interview the school's Assistant Pastor Eric for a class project. Though Malek seemed a bit embarrassed to be discussing his television debut, he did say that there was one aspect of his "Gilmore" experience that stood out.

"All I remember is, that was the fastest-talking show," the actor told Vulture. "But for me, I don't necessarily have the most pace when I speak, I definitely take my time, so that was the most jarring part of it. ... I was like, 'Who talks this fast?'"

"Gilmore Girls" is notorious for its motor-mouthed dialogue, so it makes sense that a guest star stepping in for only one scene would have trouble picking it up. And considering Malek also took his time giving Vulture that answer, it's safe to say that he wasn't super comfortable in that environment. Based on the Emmy win, we think he finally found his happy place on "Mr. Robot."

[via: Vulture]