"Revenge" continues to be a dish best served cold on ABC! This week, Emily Thorne made a huge decision that will doubtless bring some major drama to the table (in addition to caviar), so sit back, relax, and dive into this recap. Also, it should be noted that Courtney Love guest starred in this episode. We are not worthy!

Emily Decides To Come Clean, Jack Porter Ruins Everything (Per Usual)

Remember last week when Margaux LeMarchal claimed that Emily pushed her in front of a taxi? Well, Emily has yet to find out about this huge betrayal –– and spent this week attempting to clear Daniel Grayson's name in an effort to make nice with her enemies. Huh, who knew she had it in her?! This sleuth-happy socialite decides the groundbreaking of a new hospital wing is the perfect place to honor her ex-husband's name, but there's just one problem. Yep you guessed it: Jack Porter.

In order for everyone to believe Em's story, Jack has to corroborate it –– which wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for his mom, Stevie. This no-nonsense lawyer has no intention of letting her son be collateral damage in yet another one of Emily's insane plans, and she says what we're all thinking: Jack is addicted to Emily –– much like we're addicted to Revenge and Nolan Ross is addicted to popped collars.

Nolan Gets Caught In A Love Triangle, Known-Killer Louise Ellis Terrifies Us

Today in cute news, Nolan Ross has a new boyfriend! Which would be way more adorable if he wasn't married to Louise Ellis. Unfortunately, now isn't exactly a great time for Nolan to end things with Louise and enter the dating world, because a) she had a hand in her brother's recent death, b) she's crazy and might throw Nolan off a cliff if he breaks up with her and c) she wants a baby. Surprise!

Nolan is obviously horrified at the thought of having a child with Louise (he's already raising Jack's kid in that bar day care of his), and to make matters worse poor Louise overhears Nolan talking about his true feelings. Sure, she seems pretty stable when Nolan eventually breaks things off, but considering that Louise tried to murder Margaux in a steam room not too long ago, we have our doubts about her sanity. Will Louise make Nolan suffer for his marital crimes? Unclear. But this is "Revenge," so probably. Watch your back, Nolan!

Courtney Love Comes To Town, Emily Makes Her Boldest Statement Yet

Margaux's spent most of this season out for revenge, but this media mogul clearly feels guilty about throwing Emily under the bus. Now all Margaux wants is to put the past in the past, but things spin out of control when she accidentally hires what appears to be a hit woman to take out Emily. This broad's identity is a secret for now, but you probably know her as Courtney Love. *Mic drop*

As Margaux deals with her inner demons + everyone's favorite 90s grunge queen, Jack decides that his love for Emily trumps all, and shows up at the hospital groundbreaking to support her new story. But what is said story, exactly? Oh, you know, just that Emily's actually Amanda Clarke and that Daniel was actually a good guy who definitely didn't try to kill her. No big deal. *More mic drops*

We'll have to find out the repercussions of Emily's reveal next week, but to be honest the only thing that matters is when we'll get more quality Courtney Love time. Her 2015 TV takeover is nothing short of amazing!

And now, some burning questions....
1. Apparently Margaux is the only person who knows Courtney Love's true identity, which means her life could be in danger. Is she about to be killed off?
2. Now that Emily's admitted to lying to the police, could she face jail time?
3. Emily says Jack has to corroborate her story in order for the public to believe it. Will he follow through?
4. We're worried Louise is going to go crazy (again) and try to kill Nolan in his sleep. Or even worse, join Team Victoria. Anyone with us?