The polls for this Sunday's 88th annual Academy Awards closed on Tuesday. Leonardo DiCaprio can now breathe easy, there's no more campaigning to be done for his inevitable win. One last-minute Oscars 2016 campaign argued for "Deadpool" to nab some votes. Ryan Reynolds tweeted out a "For Your Consideration" poster which was damn near perfect -- if only he had just done a cleavage push like Melissa Leo for "The Fighter."

Granted, "Deadpool" can't win any Oscars because it's not nominated for any, because it just came out last week and the 2016 winners will come from films released last year. But that's boring PC establishment BS and all the Oscars voters should've just written "Deadpool" anyway! And Ryan should bring both Betty White and Blake Lively to the Oscars as his dates.

It's possible "Deadpool" will pick up some awards eventually, if not from the Oscars than probably the MTV Movie Awards, People's Choice Awards, etc. In the meantime, here are the people who were nominated this year. The show airs this Sunday, February 28 on ABC.

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