"Deadpool" is confirmed to go Number Two, and one fan is so excited he's already putting in maximum effort -- creating brilliant posters Fox should definitely use when promoting the eventual sequel.

An Instagram user called Mutant 101 -- descried as Writer|Artist|Dad|Coach -- has been posting great Marvel fan art, including two posters for "Deadpool 2."

Here's the best one, which Ryan Reynolds flushed down his own Instagram:

Ahhhhh, @mutant101. Isn't this a felony?

A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

How is that not completely perfect in every way? Totally worthy of a Taylor Swift heart symbol.

Down at the bottom it says "coming soon," with "'soon' as in 2018." Is that really the case? Producer Simon Kinberg recently told Collider they hope to start shooting the sequel in the beginning of next year. That could leave an opening for a 2018 premiere.

In terms of when, here's Collider's theory:

"Right now, Fox has untitled Marvel movies set for March 2nd and another set for June 29th. June 29th seems like the more likely option between the two. While March 2nd is closer to the original's mid-February release date, that date showed that Deadpool could play with the big boys and stand as a serious studio tentpole. Granted, with an almost guaranteed R-rating it's not like Deadpool 2 needs to wait for kids to be out of school, but the July 4th weekend just seems like a more promising opportunity for the superhero sequel."

We'll see. We know, thanks in part to a tip from Deadpool himself at the end of the first movie, that the sequel will involve the character Cable. Speaking of Cable, here's another Mutant 101 poster for "Deadpool 2," featuring a Cable tease:

#tbt - ????????L✌ "Anyone looking for some "Cable"?" ???? Fan-Art: @mutant101

A photo posted by Mutant 101 (@mutant101) on

"Deadpool" had such perfect marketing, and this guy fits right in. Fox probably doesn't need to pay him to keep going, but with all the money flowing in, why not? Put him on retainer and let him do little teasers like this for the next two years.

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